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Planning Phase

The planning phase is where TailorCraft Builders will begin piecing together your vision. With literally hundreds, if not thousands of decisions to make when building a home or undergoing a renovation project, it can be very overwhelming.  At TailorCraft we call on the help of technology, experience, and some good old-fashioned common sense to extract order out of chaos. As your partner, we guide you through our refined process that not only works, but allows you to have a lot of fun along the way.

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  • • Learn the 10 critical questions to ask before you build
    • Find out the 7 most important places to spend money on your home
    • Understand the top 11 mistakes made by new homeowners and how to avoid them.
    • Verify that the construction process is on track with 7 helpful checklists.


 Construction PHASE

Building the perfect custom home doesn’t always have to start from scratch. Some of the most magnificent homes have been reinvented many times throughout their lives. As your life and needs change, you may choose to reinvent your home rather than start over. You may enjoy the challenges and special rewards of purchasing an older home and then customizing it to make it uniquely yours.

No matter what the reasons are behind your choice to remodel or renovate your current home, you can count on us! With TailorCraft Builders, you will experience the same personalized service, attention to detail, innovative design, superior craftsmanship, and unwavering commitment that you would receive when building a new, custom home with us.


Post Move-in PHASE

Design goes beyond the actual building plans. It includes the interior of your home and also the surrounding landscape. You may want some help choosing paint colors and drapes, or with creating that perfect one of a kind feel with furniture, fixtures, and interior design. Let’s not forget the exterior of your home. You may want an outdoor living area ready to entertain your family and friends, or you may be looking for that perfect secluded backyard oasis. Whatever area you need assistance with, we have the resources to match you with the perfect designer to help make your home uniquely yours.

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