How to Remodel a Bathroom in Maryland

Posted by Aaron Drummond on Dec 1, 2018 10:07:00 AM

One of the most frequently used rooms in the house, bathrooms, are also the most commonly remodeled room for homeowners according to the National Association of Home Builders. If you’re looking to remodel your bathroom this year, here are some things to keep in mind.

How to Remodel a Bathroom in Maryland - marble sink in bathroom remodel by TailorCraft Maryland Builders

Set a budget

Bathroom and kitchen remodeling in Maryland is notoriously expensive, and costs can add up quickly. The average bathroom remodel in 2018 cost around $10,000, according to Home Advisor, with high-end jobs reaching $25,000. Know what you can spend, and don’t forget to add some cushion for unexpected surprises along the way.


Have a plan

Once you have a budget in mind, make a detailed plan. That includes a design of how you’d like your remodeled space to look. With any major remodeling project, it’s not a bad idea to visit with a professional, whether that’s an associate at your local hardware store or a design-build firm like TailorCraft Builders. If you’re dealing with small spaces, a professional can point you toward creative space-saving ideas. Even if you have plenty of room, a well-thought-out design will maximize the space to its full potential. Make sure you measure the space thoroughly so you know the exact dimensions.

How to Remodel a Bathroom in Maryland - Spacious white and gray bathroom remodel by TailorCraft Builders in Maryland

Choose your materials

What materials you pick will be largely determined by your budget and the size of the space you have. If you’re doing any of the work yourself, consult a professional for recommendations on the best type of tile, grout, counter top, and fixtures to use based on your needs and budget. From the floor tile to the wall accessories to the light fixtures, think about the overall style you want to evoke and choose items that will work together to create that feeling. Pro tip: scour flea markets, thrift stores and online resale sites for deals on furniture or fixtures that fit your aesthetic.

And bear in mind that while kitchens and bathrooms are popular places to try out new trends, filling your boudoir with trendy items will cause it to look dated much more quickly than using timeless pieces and designs. If you plan on staying in your home for years to come and don’t mind updating in a few years, then stay on-trend. But if you’re looking at reselling in a few years, or have other remodeling projects to tackle down the road, steer clear of the retro floor tiles and Art Deco shower stalls.

How to Remodel a Bathroom in Maryland - Modern dark gray bathroom remodel by TailorCraft, builder in Maryland

Upgrade if necessary

If you’re upgrading a decades-old bathroom, you’ll definitely want to update the electrical wiring and possibly the plumbing. Do you run out of hot water every time you take a shower? You may need to upgrade your hot water heater, too. Electrical work, in particular, is best left to the pros because it will need to pass an inspection. If not done correctly, it can cause damage and even start fires. Likewise, plumbing done incorrectly can leak, causing extensive damage that will be costly to repair.


Give yourself plenty of time

Don’t start a big bathroom remodel three weeks before hosting everyone for Christmas. Give yourself plenty of time to make careful, well-thought-out decisions. That will minimize the surprises along the way, and make you better equipped to handle them when they do arise.

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