How Much Does a Kitchen Remodel Cost around Annapolis, Maryland?

Posted by Aaron Drummond on Apr 9, 2019 5:00:00 PM

How Much Does a Kitchen Remodel Cost around Annapolis, Maryland?Kitchens are among the most expensive rooms to remodel. It is no wonder many homeowners are thinking “how much will it cost to remodel my kitchen?”. The cost depends on things like where you are located, how big your project is, and how upscale or custom you choose to go with your materials and fixtures. According to a report by remodeling, kitchen remodels in the Annapolis area typically range from $22,000 for a minor job, to $131,000 for a major overhaul with the highest-quality materials. The good news is that, particularly with kitchen remodels, homeowners will recoup much more of those costs into their home’s future resale value than, say, a bedroom remodel.


Here are estimates of what it would cost to do minor and major remodels of a 200-square-foot kitchen with 30 linear feet of cabinets and counter tops:


Minor, mid-range

The remodeling report estimates a minor kitchen remodel with mid-range fixtures will cost about $22,600. That includes new cabinet covers (without replacing the cabinet boxes), new oven and refrigerator, laminate counter tops, and a new mid-priced sink and faucet. It also includes painted walls, trim and ceiling.

The report estimates the resale value at $16,370, meaning homeowners recoup about 73 percent of the cost.


Major, mid-range

For a mid-range major kitchen remodel, the report estimates a cost of $66,266. A major remodel, still in the mid-range, would include semi-custom wooden cabinets, including a 3-by-5-foot island, laminate counter tops and a standard double-tub stainless steel sink. It also includes new appliances (oven, built-in microwave, dishwasher, garbage disposal), custom lighting, new flooring and painted walls and trim.

Resale value: $40,406; Cost recouped: 61 percent


Major, upscale

A major kitchen remodel with more upscale fixtures is estimated at $131,866. That figures in top-of-the-line custom white cabinets with built-in sliding shelves and other accessories; stone countertops with ceramic or glass-tile backsplash; and new lighting. New accessories include a built-in refrigerator, commercial-grade cooktop and vent hood/wall oven and built-in microwave, a high-end undermount sink with designer faucets and water filtration system, and tile or similar flooring that looks like real wood.

Resale value: $70,684; Cost recouped: 53 percent


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