7 Tips for A Spooky Home this Halloween in Annapolis, MD

Posted by Aaron Drummond on Oct 22, 2018 11:59:00 AM

7 Tips for A Spooky Home this Halloween in Annapolis, MD - Glowing jack-o'-lantern pumpkin in front of home remodeled by Tailorcraft Builders in Maryland


Halloween isn’t for everyone, but if you love it, you most likely really love it – (literal) warts and all. It’s becoming more common for people to deck out their homes just as much for Halloween as any other holiday, Christmas included. If you’re more into spooky than sparkly, here are 5 ideas that will set your home apart this Halloween season in Annapolis, Maryland:



You can’t beat the classics. Mummies, witches, or if you’re feeling truly monstrous, spiders – there are so many ways to have a monster mash in your own front yard. Mummies are a great option for DIY-ers or people on a budget, because you can usually put something together with things you already have (like toilet paper). Even better, you can utilize things like mummy decor inside and out. Try strategically placed monsters in windows to make passersby do a double-take, or build a mummy rising from the dead. If you’re looking for something a little more whimsical (and less time-consuming), try this simple mummy-made-from-boards project: just wrap some fabric around wooden boards, add some eyes and enjoy.



One of the simplest projects we found was this one, which recommends using old toilet paper rolls, cutting out eyes and putting glow sticks inside. Put them outside after dark to make it look like there are eyes guarding your yard. (The post suggests placing them under random bushes, which we don’t recommend.) Motion laser lights are available, in various colors, and can be used inside or outside to up the “wow” factor. Sometimes, a silhouette is enough to up the spook factor. You can make your own or buy special ones, and use them in windows, on the front of your garage, or in the front yard. You can also add lights to these DIY ghosts made from packing tape to make them extra creepy. Speaking of ghosts…


Ghosts and skeletons

Much like mummies, ghosts and skeletons are pretty classic Halloween decorations. The aforementioned packing tape ghosts are relatively cheap and easy to make, and can work as indoor or outdoor decorations. Skeletons are another versatile go-to. One of our favorites is this wheelbarrow full of bones, which even the most hesitant DIY-er could pull off without too much trouble. If you’re feeling slightly more ambitious, figure out fun and creative ways to position the skeletons, like this house that has them “crawling” up the side. For a super simple option, cut out some eyes and a mouth, tape them to your refrigerator (provided it’s white), and you have a ghostly fridge decoration. (We also really like the Jack-O-Lantern house decoration shown there.)



If mummies, ghosts or skeletons have caught your eye, consider taking it a step further and constructing your own little cemetery. If leaves are a problem, bag them up and use them as decorations. For apartment dwellers and others without yards, try it in miniature. Use a pot and “plant” a hand, or modify this DIY witch’s apothecary tutorial to make little gravestones and put them in an apartment-sized planter.


Creepy critters

Halloween isn’t just for the supernatural; it’s also when some of nature’s less-popular critters get to be a little more mainstream. Spiders, snakes, bats ﹘ all of them can add to your holiday decor. If you like bats and have some time on your hands, consider this impressive ceiling arrangement that looks like bats in flight. Not quite up for that? You can scale it up or down as you like, with bats ascending your staircase, spanning your front door, or just hanging a few inside a lamp. Or have your kids help you make some from foam, and hang them from a tree outside. For spider fans, use black electric tape to draw a web on your sidewalk, or the side of your house. You can also make spider webs out of trash bags, for a cheap and easy decoration. (Crows and mice are less mainstream options, too.)



The nice thing about pumpkins is that you can make them as sweet or as sinister as you’d like. Carve them out and light them up, paint them into something beautiful, or use them to evoke something else entirely -- like these ghosts from gourds. For a one-two scary punch, paint your pumpkins black, then carve something scary. When it’s lit up, the effect will be especially creepy. If you’re looking for something in between, try this topiary.



Another versatile motif, witches can be cute or creepy or somewhere in between in your decorations. If you have a porch, try these hanging witch light-up hats to create Halloween ambiance. For a more comical approach, buy some cheap supplies and build your own upside-down witch in a cauldron or flower pot. If you have any old wine bottles or other glass bottles, print your own apothecary labels and create a display. Black cauldrons are easy to find and inexpensive; stock up and use them as party food containers, or get some dry ice and have a bubbling cauldron next to the apothecary. And don’t forget the broomsticks. (Bonus: There are all kinds of fun things you can make to go along with your witch theme, like these broomstick party favors and these shoes to hold treats.)

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