6 Stunning Design Build Homes in Annapolis

Posted by Aaron Drummond on May 21, 2019 5:00:00 PM

Home design is subjective, but there are some homes that are just so beautiful nearly everyone agrees: I’d love to live there. Here at TailorCraft, we love helping our clients be able to realize that dream. To that end, here are 6 stunning design build houses in Annapolis we’ve worked on:

1. Chesapeake Modern

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Photo credit: TailorCraft

Experience the glamor of a high-rise life and coziness of a home and yard all in the same place. Spacious while space-conscious, this unique multi-level home makes good use of vertical space, including a second floor outdoor dining/living area. Large windows provide plenty of natural light, and wooden floors mixed with stone accents accentuate the home’s light, airy feel.


2. South River

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Photo credit: TailorCraft

From the outside, this picturesque home looks like a cottage out of a book, with the manicured flower gardens and landscaping to match. Rich wooden tones, vaulted ceilings and sleek lines throughout the interior lend to this home’s elegant feel. Adding to the country cottage feel, a charming walkway leads to an outdoor dining area, perfect for hosting friends and family on warm summer nights.


3. Providence Cove

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Photo credit: TailorCraft

Another home that embraces the surrounding landscape, this home’s features include a deck, large, beautiful windows, and one of the most unique staircases you could hope for. There is character to spare here.


4. Home Eastport

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Photo credit: TailorCraft

From the built-in shelving to the stone chimney in the living room, you’ll want to curl up and make yourself at home here.


5. Down by the Bay

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Photo credit: TailorCraft

This home blends the elegance of the past seamlessly into modern life. A gorgeous wooden-banister winding staircase leads from an open, wooden-floored entry way to the upstairs. Details throughout, from molding on the archways to the entryway chandelier only enhance the home’s natural light and layout.


6. Four Square

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Photo credit: TailorCraft

We were able to go into an older Annapolis neighborhood and construct a new home that fit in perfectly with the surrounding houses. The home also features hardwood floors throughout and decorative tilework in the bathrooms.

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