3 Advantages of Design Build Construction in Annapolis, MD

Posted by Aaron Drummond on Jul 19, 2018 3:40:41 PM

The most important remodeling decision you’ll make isn’t the materials you’ll install; it isn’t the layout you’ll select; it isn’t even the budget you’ll set. The most important remodeling decision you’ll make is which contractor you’ll trust to journey alongside you as your goals transform into realities. An excellent remodeler is one who listens carefully to your needs, has the expertise to meet and even go beyond them, and is invested in your satisfaction with the final outcome.

Here are the 3 reasons why working with an Anne Arundel County Design Build Firm is the best solution.

3 Advantages of Design Build Construction in Annapolis, MD - Wood grain dining room remodel by Maryland home builder TailorCraft Builders


When you work with a traditional contractor, the job is typically in-and-out: your contractor receives the designs from you/your designer, comes in for construction, and leaves as soon as the job’s completed. Design build firms, on the other hand, are intimately familiar with every minute step of the remodeling process. You’ll be guided through each phase, from design ideation and 3D renderings to material selections that keep your budget on track to final project completion.

When you work with a competent design build company, you can rest assured that details won’t be overlooked, processes won’t be forgotten, and goals won’t slip through the cracks. Of course, this level of involvement also means you’re not getting out-of-the-box designs. Instead, you’re getting high-end, personalized plans.



Another advantage of working with design build firms is that communication is faster and more accurate. Because your entire team is working together in-house, everyone from your office assistant and designer to your project foreman, carpenter, plumber, and electrician is on the page and can swiftly and accurately relay information.

Since all “departments” are on the same team in the same spot working on the same project, it’s also easy for you as the home owner to reach whomever you need with questions and plan revisions. Of course, faster and more accurate communication also entails faster project completion and more satisfactory end results. The design build process is built on trust and communication, and it shows.



Finally, because you’re working with one contractor from start to finish, you can expect to see the quality you’ve loved in their previous projects in your own home. When you work with multiple contractors, “blame games” can be common since it’s difficult to tell exactly where something went wrong. With design builders like TailorCraft on the other hand, nothing changes hands, so there’s a higher degree of accountability and project ownership.


What our clients say about the design build process

Want to know what our clients say about our design build model? Our client reviews speak for themselves. As K.S. wrote after we remodeled her 100+ year old house…

“This team is wonderful. They were very patient with what ended up being a complex renovation. They always seemed to have our best interests in mind. Not only was the work competent and professional, Aaron and company were personally communicative and diligent. Our 100+ year old house, which had been subjected to many DIY renovation projects over the years, is now modern, clean, and beautiful.”

We believe a design build framework offers the best solutions for our clients, and they agree.

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